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How Do Bin Rental Surrey Help?

As the second most populated city in the province, Surrey is known for its busy and hectic streets. While the city is attractive when it is bustling, the hustle and bustle can make it difficult to complete things. This is why we get so many requests for garbage bin rentals in Surrey from homeowners and contractors.


Getting rubbish from one area to the landfill can be problematic for renovators, construction workers, landscapers, and even people conducting a basic spring cleaning. Premier Site Services can deliver a garbage bin to your Surrey location and collect it when it’s full. This saves you time travelling to and unloading at the dump, as well as allowing you to make full use of your personnel throughout the day.

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Our Sizes

When renting a bin, the first decision you must make is what size you require. The size of a bin rental in Surrey is determined by the amount of rubbish it can carry in cubic yards. At Premier, we rent a variety of bins in a variety of sizes to suit your needs at your worksite or event. Such as: 

  • 7-yard bins:  A 7 yard garbage bin rental in Surrey is ideal for a small drywall job concrete removal dirt sod rock and other heavy materials this been has a low sides which makes it easier to load large material Street overboard.
  • 15-yard bins: 15 yard garbage bin rental in Surrey is ideal for large to medium home cleanouts furniture roof shingles household debris construction and landscaped debris.
  • 20-yard bins: 20 yard garbage bin Rental in Surrey is ideal for large home cleanouts demo sites basement cleanouts garage cleanouts wood disposal large drywall jobs.
  • 40-yard bins: A 40-yard bin rental in Surrey bin Rental in Surrey is ideal for large home cleanouts demo sites basement cleanouts garage cleanouts wood disposal large drywall jobs.

Why Bin Rental Surrey?

Whether you need a bin rental for a construction site, event, clean-out, or more, Premier Site Services should be your go-to bin rental company in Surrey, British Columbia. We take pride in our capacity to dispose of or recycle virtually any form of waste generated by our customers, from construction debris to commercial garbage.


We service a wide range of industries, including residential, estate cleanouts, roofing, construction, commercial, events, movie sets, scrap metal recycling, and industrial needs.


With a wide range of bins for hire in Surrey, British Columbia, no project is too big or too small for us to handle. Any of our bin sizes are available to all of our customers, new and old, for any job that requires a bin rental. Contact us today to get your custom quote for your Surrey bin rental needs!

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It is important to select the appropriate bin rental size. If the bin is too small, it will need to be replaced frequently; if it is big, it will take up valuable space and money. Check out our waste bins to see which one will work best for you. If you’re not sure, no problem – just let us know when you’re making your bin rental arrangements and we’ll give you our recommendations.

The delivery and pickup of hook lift bins doesn’t require much additional space. We need an additional 30 – 50 feet in front of the bin, in addition to the bin’s size.

We shouldn’t have any problems dropping it off as long as the required space is available and there are no low-hanging telephone wires in the way. Our drivers determine whether or not it is safe to drop down a bin. They take into account everything from site space to available turning radius to low-hanging powerlines.

A permit is only required if you intend to place your bin on a public roadway or in a shared alleyway. If you require assistance in obtaining one, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. However, it is your responsibility to verify that you obtain the necessary permits and follow all applicable rules.

The height to which bins can be filled is governed by safety requirements and technical limitations. The waste bin must never be full to the brim or overflowing. Beyond that, the weight of the trash you intend to throw in the dumpster container will determine how high you can fill it.

Furthermore, the weight of your trash must be distributed evenly.  You will need to remove some of the rubbish from the bin if it is overflowing before we can pick it up.

No. Even if you have the necessary tools, you may not be able to move the bin on your own. Our drivers are the only ones who are allowed to move the bin for safety and insurance reasons.

If you need your bin moved, please contact Bin Rental Surrey to make arrangements.

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