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Sizes and Volumes

When renting a bin, the first decision you must make is what size you require. The size of a bin rental in Vancouver is determined by the amount of rubbish it can carry in cubic yards. At Premier, we rent a variety of bins in a variety of sizes to suit your needs at your work site or event. Such as: 

  • 7-yard bins. A 7-yard garbage bin rental in Vancouver has low sides which makes it ideal for loading big materials straight overboard, though walking directly in is also an option.


  • 15-yard bins. 15-yard bin rentals are ideal for large-scale events and sites. These waste bin rentals are popular in Toronto and Vaughan.


  • 20-yard bins. These have low sides for easy loading and is large enough to contain a variety of garbage. They’re also useful for larger-scale building and site upkeep.
  • 40-yard bins. A 40-yard bin rental in Vancouver BC is ideal for huge repairs, major cleanouts, and building projects. It can fit a lot of bulkier, odd-sized objects.
24 yard bin rental

Why Us?

Despite the fact that Vancouver is a large city, there is little outdoor space for containers and recycling bins. This causes several concerns for most when it comes to getting rid of unwanted junk or cleaning up a site. This is why our garbage bin rental service in Vancouver is so popular for sites and events. 


Premier Site Services is proud to offer clean rental bins to all of our customers in the Vancouver area.


With our specifically constructed, narrow bins and short single axel trucks, our trained drivers are highly skilled at correctly setting your bin – even in the tightest of spaces. We also offer a 4×4 service to ensure that we can deliver your roll-off container to your house, workplace, or building site.


Contact us for an immediate solution to your junk, yard waste, renovation or construction debris removal problem.

Bin Rental Vancouver

Premier offers rental services for mini bins and standard bins seven days a week, including holidays. Please contact us between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. to schedule a call or for a free estimate for your dumpster and recycling needs. Premier is a full-service rubbish removal and disposal company that serves residents and businesses in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

We are proud to provide our bin rental service across British Columbia.

10 yard bin rental


Rental fees vary around the country, however, they are all based on the following factors: 


  • Type of debris.
  • The appropriate dumpster size for the job.
  • The duration of the rental.
  • Extra alternatives ordered.


Consider efficiency and effectiveness while deciding whether or not to rent a bin.

No. Our bin rentals at Premier do not have a maximum weight limit. However, clients will be charged depending on the weight. We recommend giving us a call before making a reservation so that you are aware of any expenses associated with the weight.

At Premier Site Services we can cater to clients across Vancouver and are ready to provide bin rentals to anyone in the city.

Although we can typically handle same-day requests, we welcome as much notice as possible so that your bin arrives on time.

With a few exceptions, bins can be put on the street or on your driveway. If you want to put wood dunnage down in your driveway to protect it from the rollers, we can do that. Depending on the city restrictions, another alternative is to install it on the street. Please contact us for further information if your municipality requires a permit to place bins on city streets.

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