DIY Attic Cleaning Guide

Has it been a long time since you visited your attic? When you need to free up some room, you store stuff in this area of your home.


The attic often disregarded when it comes to cleaning because it is at the top of the house and receives the least amount of traffic. Have you been up there recently and had the feeling it was time to clear and dust?


Premier Site Services provides year-round bin rental services across British Columbia to help you clean your attic and declutter your home. Preparing your attic for bin pickup is a vital component of cleaning it. Here is a step-by-step DIY attic cleaning guide to help you get started. 


Clear Out The Room

Before you get out the baskets, brooms, and cleaning fluids for your DIY attic cleaning, take everything out of your attic and set it somewhere easy to sort and close by in case you decide to put something back in.


Cleaning an empty room is the easiest because you can reach all the creaks and corners. You can inspect every inch of the room that requires the most cleaning after you’ve removed all the objects.



If you haven’t cleaned your attic in months or even years, you might expect to find a significant amount of dust. You avoid dust inhalation, and make sure to wear a non-medical mask.


Take a duster and sweep the entire room. Begin with the window frames, baseboards, walls, and wooden beams, as well as the area behind the door. Don’t forget to dust any ceiling light fittings and fans.



Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop

When the dust and debris have settled on the floor, vacuum it first to save time. Any huge debris that a vacuum can’t suck should be swept up and thrown away.


Models with a high-efficiency canister and a filter are the best vacuums for dust. High-efficiency vacuum cleaners are great for this work since they take up dust mites and remove allergens that have settled in attics.


Use vacuum extensions, such as a hose, to reach those hard-to-reach corners. After you’ve finished vacuuming, take a broom and dustpan and sweep the entire room. To deep clean the floors, use a moist mop or a Swiffer to remove any remaining dirt or dust.



Check Up On The Insulation

Check your insulation once the attic is free of dust and dirt. You’ll need to replace it and add additional insulation if it appears to have fallen under the floor joists. When you can’t see the floor joists above the insulation, you have healthy insulation that doesn’t need to be upgraded. This indicates that the insulation is still adequate.



Eliminate Mould 

Mould and moisture in the insulation must be checked since they can spread and cause illness, especially if anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma. If you leave mold on damp insulation untreated, it will degrade the air quality throughout your home. As a result, it is essential to replace it and remove any evidence of mould and moisture.



Crack Prevention

Check every nook and corner of the attic windows and doors after evaluating your attic for mould and moisture. When severe winds blow, a cold breeze may blow through the window because the attic is at the top of the home. In the winter, this can raise your heating expenditure. To keep a chilly draft from coming in, seal any cracks around windows and door sills.



Minimize and Reorganize

Take all of your attic items and separate them into ‘storing’ and ‘dumping’ piles. Reorganizing the objects you want to keep from your “Storing” category is the next to last stage in cleaning your attic. When putting your newly sorted items back into the attic, remember to be strategic. Place objects that you expect to use frequently, for example, in an attic location that is easily accessible.



Get Rid of Your Dumping Pile With Premier Site Services

The most difficult part of DIY attic cleaning is getting rid of any items that cannot be given or thrown away. What do you do with it? Call us!


Premier Site Services can handle your rubbish disposal since we provide bin rental services to help you minimize attic pile-ups. Call us for a no-obligation quote on bin rental in Vancouver.

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