Fence Rental For Construction

You’re about to embark on a huge construction project. To ensure that the task is done properly, you are organizing all the supplies, vendors, and labor. You might ask what is the best solution for you and whether renting a fence is worthwhile when you need a temporary construction fence to secure your site.


Facing questions about your fence rentals? We’re here to break it down for you. 

Why Should You Get A Fence Rental For Construction? 

Rentals of construction fences are a practical and cost-effective solution for a variety of situations, including: Your requirement for fence is temporary and often arises from unforeseen planned circumstances. To manage installations and maintenance, you don’t have time. There is no downtime storage available.

Fence Rental For Construction

Construction fence rentals are typically made on a month-to-month basis. When you require construction barriers for a little time, renting is a cost-effective option. Even renting construction fences on a weekly basis is occasionally possible, but the cost per linear foot can be higher.

Types of Fence Rentals For Construction 

Premier Site Services provides a large selection of fence styles that may be applied in a wide range of situations. How do you decide which fence type is best for your location? There are generally two types of construction fences used across Canada, which are: 

Standard Rental Fence Panels

The strongest and most durable temporary fence panels available, our standard temporary fence panels offer the best level of security available in the rental fence market. These panels are made to last because they are made of steel and thick gauge welded wire mesh. If you need to secure the perimeter of a construction site or event, this is the type of fence to employ.

Sale Fence

If you need to secure a job site for a long time and the cost of renting fence may be more than the cost of buying it, sale fence is ideal. Our selling fence is easy to erect, move, and remove as required. To increase security and stability or to meet additional short-term demands, this type of fence can be integrated with other Premier Site Services systems.


These are affordable options for clients who frequently or permanently need site containment.

Cost Of A Fence Rental For Construction 

Renting a temporary fence will probably be one of your line items when creating a building project budget. Since it’s one of the first things to be erected on site, renting a fence may actually be one of the first costs you incur. 


Due to the fact that it takes the longest to remove, you might need to rent a fence for months or even years, depending on the size of your project. Understanding how much it will cost to rent a construction fence is crucial for this reason.


At Premier Site Services, we frequently get asked, “How much does it cost to rent a fence?” The solution isn’t always as straightforward as you may suppose. Suppliers of temporary fences base their prices on a variety of variables. They range from project length to complexity to straightforward supply and demand.


The price to rent construction fencing will also vary from region to region due to variations in market pricing. The cost of renting a temporary fence will therefore differ between Calgary and Toronto.


To better understand your costs for a fence rental for the construction, contact us today. 

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