Fence Rentals For Events in Canada

When a temporary fence is needed for crowd control, public safety, or designating particular areas for specific uses at events, temporary fence rentals for events is an effective, affordable solution. At major outdoor events, event fence can also be used to divide the venue into parking areas.


Our event fencing is made expressly to be set up quickly while yet enclosing your venue in a solid and safe barrier. It is the best option for any outdoor event because it is strong and simple to set up.

Why Should You Consider a Fence Rental For Events? 

When you rent a fence, especially a temporary one, you have the chance to manage the area and guarantee that it is used properly. For example, temporary fences at a concert or a ticketed event can assist keep people under control and ensure that no one can enter without permission, a ticket, or a pass.


The advantage of temporary fencing over permanent fencing is that it doesn’t need to be dug up or altered permanently. Therefore, it is simple to alter nearby areas. Additionally, they may be altered in size or style as needed and are rented, saving you more money than permanent or purchased fences. In addition, temporary fences are a cost-effective option if you need to move or visit other sites.

Fence Rentals For Events in Canada


Make careful you select a company that offers high-quality fences for rental reasons when renting temporary fences. Discuss your needs, obtain an estimate, speak with staff to resolve problems, and make a decision only after being satisfied with the contract or the listed services.

Types of Fence Rentals For Events 

For any location, facility, or event—big or small—Premier Site Services offers a range of crowd and perimeter control fencing styles. Our temporary fences are ideal for a variety of events, including outdoor bars, VIP areas, parades, racing, and music festivals.


High-quality steel, plastic, or vinyl barriers known as barricade fences are used to effectively control crowds or define boundaries. They have the polished and sturdy appearance of a genuine fence and come in inflatable parts that can be quickly collapsed or relocated if the event plans alter. 


They are therefore perfect for temporary bicycle racks as well. Our inventory of temporary fencing is chock-full of endlessly adaptable goods that may be tailored to any requirement.


Join the many happy clients who have selected Premier Site Services for their temporary fencing needs by taking advantage of our knowledgeable staff.

Why Premier Site Services? 

All of our locations are serviced by Premier Site Services, which provides temporary fence rentals in Richmond, Victoria, Abbotsford, Vancouver and Surrey with installation and removal services as well as relocation as necessary.


We manufacture the majority of our Premier panels in-house using high-quality galvanized metal, unlike many temporary fence businesses, so we are confident in their durability. Additionally, because our panels are longer than those of the competitors, they take less time and labor to set up and take down.


We provide a range of solutions for portable restrooms in addition to our rental fence panels. Visit our site to learn more.

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