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Fences are the key to having order and security at an event or site

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Fence Rentals

Fences are the key to having order and security at an event or site. At Premier Site Services, we take pride in supplying temporary fence rental services to clients across British Columbia.

Whether it be construction fence rentals or fences to guard off areas, we have a number of options for you to choose from, each perfect for different situations and purposes.


Why are Fence Rentals Important?

Portable fencing is an easy solution to various problems workers or managers might face during an event or construction. They are particularly helpful on building or demolition sites. People often suffer difficulties and complications without having fences to separate one area from the other. Some prominent reasons to get fence rentals are:

Theft prevention

Equipment and materials are often left out overnight at construction sites, which makes them a target for theft and vandalism.


Perimeter fencing is your first line of defence against potential intruders. Our construction fence rentals ensure the safety of your equipment.

Site safety

Construction sites are full of hazards such as ruts, holes, sharp objects, toxic chemicals and heavy machinery. Without proper fencing, a curious child, stray pet or pedestrian seeking a shortcut could easily get injured on a construction site. However, construction workers don’t have the time to constantly be on the lookout for this. With the right signs and temporary fence rentals to close off areas and warn others, you can focus on your job with no worries.

Traffic control

Having a single point of entry is important for managing worker and vehicle access. Temporary fence rentals are used to direct traffic in and out of a worksite, thereby improving circulation and helping to prevent accidents. They can also be used to ensure guests of an event don’t park on private property.

Legal compliance

At most worksites, construction fences are a legal requirement under the British Columbia Building Codes and Safety Codes Act. With Premier site services you can ensure your safety and abide by the law with one simple fence rental.


Renting a temporary fence is also useful for keeping your event private. The fence ensures that whatever is going on is hidden from prying eyes. A rental fence will help protect attendees and give them a sense of safety.

Barring entry onto private property

When organizing an event that is anticipated to draw a large audience, you should take precautions to prevent the crowd from trespassing on private property. This can easily be done with temporary fence rentals to separate accessible areas from ones that are outside of the event.

Types of Fence Rentals

At Premier we can provide high-quality fence rentals catered to your event. Our fences are made with eco-friendly material and are reusable, which ensures our business remains environmentally conscious.

Some popular fence rental products are:

Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Fence panels help keep the public out of low-security work zones and are perfect for events such as weddings or concerts. They can also be used to guard off backstage or private areas or an event or site.

In-Ground Temp Fences

In-Ground Temp Fences

In-ground temp fences are a secure alternative to fence panels. They are professionally-installed pounded fences that can ensure the safety of a construction site with ease.

Fence Toppers

Fence Toppers

Fence panels help keep the public out of low-security work zones and are perfect for events such as weddings or concerts. They can also be used to guard off backstage or private areas or an event or site.

Fence Gate With Accessories

Fence Gate With Accessories

If you are hosting a large-scale event or need to close off a sizeable area of your site for privacy and safety, a fence gate can come in handy. With this construction fence rental you can easily move in and out of the private areas of your site while also ensuring safety and security.

Why Premier?

At Premier Site Services, we’ve done our best to provide full scale site services to our customers in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, and we feel that we’ve done an excellent job at this since our inception.  Having been in this business for so many years now, we feel that we’re head and shoulders above the other fence rental services in the region – and that you aren’t going to find such a high-quality operation like ours at such a reasonable price point.

Unlike other businesses, we also ensure the safety of our planet with eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable equipment. 

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We deliver our site services within 24 hours, however, if you want to reserve a date or book in advance you can contact us to save a slot.

Yes. We have a wide range of fences that can cater to both constructions sites and family-friendly events. Once you contact our team, they will find a suitable temporary fence rental for your event that is made of the right material and ensures the safety of your guests and/or workers.

Our team can be of assistance during the installation or you can conduct it yourself, the decision is up to you.

We can provide fence rentals from anywhere between a couple of hours to several days, however, once you have booked a fence rental for a certain amount of time we expect it to be returned accordingly.

Yes, our team will show up for the pickup of the rented equipment once the slot is up or the client calls up for a pick up.

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