Maritime Industry Waste Disposal Services in BC Lower Mainland

With the help of Premier Site Services, you can dispose of and recycle dunnage and waste from marinas, ports, and ships. Ships, shipyards, and the marine industry, in general, generate a significant amount of garbage. Location Managers hire CFIA-certified waste disposal businesses to transport ship dunnage to designated facilities in order to comply with tight laws and regulations.


We rent bins in a variety of sizes to help you get rid of your waste quickly, economically, and responsibly.


At Premier Site Services, we are known for our outstanding service, low prices, and expertise in waste management. We operate as a national CFIA approved bin rental servicer and provide overseas garbage disposal and dunnage disposal services for businesses of all types, including marinas, port terminals, dry docks, shipyards, cruise ships, and cargo liners.


Give us a call if you need to dispose of waste or dunnage. Our team will assist you in determining the most appropriate waste management solution for your location.


Marine Bin Rentals 

We provide garbage bin rentals and waste disposal services for all types of maritime enterprises around Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We follow all rules and regulations while transporting dunnage from marinas, shipyards, and ports, ensuring that all garbage is delivered to approved disposal sites.


We work with companies in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Delta, White Rock, and the surrounding areas.


Why Premier Site Services? 

Cruise and freight vessels generate huge volumes of garbage even on the shortest of journeys. This waste is held on board until the ship arrives at the next port of call. Strict restrictions govern how this waste is handled at the destination port. We not only follow these norms and regulations, but we also uphold our environmental responsibilities by delivering all trash to the nearest permitted recycling site.


The disposal of marine garbage is inherently difficult, which is why we are familiar with all of the complexities as well as the changing practises and procedures. Location Managers are expected to not only follow all rules but also to do everything necessary to avoid garbage ending up in landfills. With Premier Site Services, you can avoid costly errors and recycle as much waste as possible.


To prevent disruption, we also collaborate with our clients to schedule our delivery and pick-up of waste containers. We are well-known for:


  • 24 hours service and on-time delivery
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Knowledgeable team of experts
  • Quick, easy and environmentally friendly waste disposition


Give us a call if you need a bin for your marina, port, or business. You can rest assured that you will receive the best service in the area.



Marine Industry Waste Recycling in BC Lower Mainland

As a CFIA-certified disposal bin rental company, we specialize in dunnage and maritime waste disposal. We not only know our way around the industry but also go out of our way to be as ecologically conscious as possible.


We have always tried to recycle as much as we can, and will keep doing so. We accomplish this by assisting our clients in identifying the types of materials they can discard and transporting all waste to the nearest recycling facility.


All of your marine trash disposal needs can be met by us. To speak with a specialist today, give us a call or submit an online quotation request.

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