Fence Materials: Types and Their Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials: High-quality and long-lasting fences are in high demand, whether for residences, commercial establishments, or big farms. An increase in demand for premium, custom-made, and UV-stabilized fences has created a new opportunity for anyone interested in entering the distribution sector.


Fences and fencing materials come in a variety of styles and materials. It can be difficult to sort through the multitude of fences to find the correct one. There are other aspects to consider, such as aesthetic value, pricing, reliability, pet friendliness, safety, and requirements.


types of fence materials


If you want to start a fence distribution company, you need to be aware of the many types of fence materials available and their pros and cons.



Types of Fence Materials


1. Iron Fencing


Iron Fencing


Pros of Different Fence Material


  • Endurance


Iron, or more specifically wrought iron, is one of the most powerful and long-lasting materials available. Wrought iron constructions are built to last for centuries. 


  • Pest Resistance


Iron is an inorganic material that is resistant to insect damage. You don’t have to be concerned about termite infestations or ant colony houses on or inside your fence.


Cons of Different Fence Material


  • High Cost


Wrought iron fencing can be expensive. They are among the most expensive fences available, and installing them adds to the expense.


  • Inadequate Privacy


It is common for wrought iron fences to be transparent. Their rails can’t provide privacy from the outside world because they are too widely separated.


2. Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl Fencing




  • Durable


Vinyl fencing can withstand all types of weather for many years.


  • Requires low upkeep


Vinyl requires no maintenance other than the occasional pressure cleaning.


  • Appealing 


The texture of vinyl fencing is smooth and homogeneous. The addition of ornate pillars and latticework enhances the appeal.




  • Precise Installation 


It is very noticeable if there are any flaws, such as uneven posts or slats, therefore professional installation is required.


  • Costlier


Vinyl fencing is more expensive than treated wood and chain link fencing.


  • Aesthetically Poor


A vinyl fence can never be as attractive as hardwood or wrought iron fence. Up close, the material appears manufactured and lacks the same aesthetic charm.


3. Composite Fence


Composite Fence




  • Low-Cost Replacement


The composite material is comparable to wood and can be used as a low-cost substitute for wood, making it appropriate for all sorts of fencing.


  • Durable


Composite fences are extremely sturdy, strong, and long-lasting.


  • Resistant to Weather


The composite fencing materials are resistant to weather, wind, insects, and rot, which extends their lives.


  • Simple Maintenance


In the long run, these fences are simple to install, clean, and maintain.




  • Temporary Appearance Appeal


The composite material is prone to fading and is readily stained and scratched.


  • Costly


The cost is exceptionally high, costing twice as much as normal pressure-treated wood timber fencing.


4. Chain Link Fencing


Chain Link Fencing




  • Cost-effective


Chain link fencing is one of the most cost-effective material options.


  • Provides Visibility


If seclusion is not your goal, chain link fencing provides visibility while yet keeping pets and small kids safe.


  • Installation is Simple.


Chain link fencing is simple to install.




  • There is no Privacy.


If you want some privacy from your fence, a chain link is not the best option.


  • Less Appealing Than Other Sorts


Chain link is chosen for its functionality rather than its aesthetics.


5. Aluminum Fence


Aluminum Fence




  • Versatile 


Aluminum is among the most flexible and widely available fencing solutions, and it is available in a variety of forms and versions to meet your specific demands.


  • Durable


Aluminum fencing is highly robust and durable, and it is resilient to weather, dust, wear and tear, fire, rust, and other factors.


  • Safety


They are ideal for keeping your premises safe and secure since they make it impossible for men or stray animals to enter.


  • Simple to Install and Repair


Because aluminum is light, they are exceedingly simple to install and repair.




  • Not Damage Resistant


Despite its durability, aluminum will bend if subjected to a forceful impact or contact. As a result, a vehicle driving into your fence can destroy it. Imprints, bends, and scratches are common, and even minor impacts can leave marks on the surface.


  • Not Weather Resistant.


It may be unable to withstand a hurricane or storm and bends when one strikes.


  • Costly


Some higher-grade aluminum may be difficult to obtain and install.


6. Wood Fencing


Wood Fencing




  • Affordable


For fences, treated wood is one of the most economical options.


  • Attractive


The natural grain of the wood has a beauty that can be enhanced by different colours of stains. 


  • Works in Different Climates


The treated wood will not be affected by dry air because it is resistant to moisture.




  • Eventually Rots


Even treated wood won’t last forever. Moisture, sunlight, cold, and heat will eventually affect it.


  • Can Warp Over Time


Unlike thick fence posts, wood fence panels can twist or bend out of shape because they are thinner.


7. Steel Fence


Steel Fence




  • Robust 


steel fencing is the strongest of all fencing kinds and is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. You only need to install it once, and it will last a lifetime.


  • Security


Steel gates are used to protect locations that require the greatest degree of security.


  • Can be Used on Any Terrain.


Steel fencing can be used in any terrain, including undulated sloped surfaces and flat fields; it is ideal for any application.


  • Various Elements Resistant


Steel fencing is weather-resistant, bug- and insect-resistant, heat- and fire-resistant, and so suitable for use in all climates.


  • Appealing Design


Steel fencing is not only robust and durable, but it also looks fairly attractive and sleek when compared to its competitors.


  • Easy to Clean and Maintain


They are simple to clean and maintain and may be wiped down with a cloth or running water, much like other forms of fencing.




  • Heavy


Very hefty, making transportation and storage problematic.


  • Not Resistant to Moisture


Steel fences may not withstand moisture, especially if they are erected near the beach, where the water contains salt.


  • Expensive

Steel fencing is more expensive to purchase and install than other fencing materials and styles.


  • Regular Maintenance is Required.


A steel fence necessitates frequent maintenance, which includes a lot of painting and sanding.




Which fence is better, PVC or vinyl?


Vinyl fencing is the industry leader since it is preferred by the majority of clients. Furthermore, the vinyl fences are available in white, making it easy to manufacture the fencing to the customer’s specifications. Because it is long-lasting, there are various advantages to adopting a PVC vinyl fence.


How should I go about selecting the greatest backyard fence?


5 guidelines for selecting the finest fence for your yard


  • Recognize Your Requirements.
  • Make a budget.
  • Consider a variety of materials.
  • Identify your property line.
  • Make sure you hire the right professional.


What is the least expensive fence?


Fencing made of PVC. PVC fencing is the most cost-effective option for your property. To provide security from the outside world, such fences replace wooden pickets and poles. PVC sleeves enhance the reliability of wooden fence posts, lowering the cost of materials and labour.


What style of fence lasts the longest?


Chain-link fences with a non-rusting galvanized finish are the most durable. All of the fence’s other components are constructed of steel and galvanized, requiring little upkeep. Choose Premier Site Services to get fence rental in Abbotsford with best quality that last longer.

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