The Roofing Contractors Guide to Bin Rentals

Roofing Contractors Guide: As a homeowner or a contractor, you’ll almost certainly need to rent a roll-off bin if you plan on disposing of or recycling substantial quantities of roofing materials. 


Why? Roll-off bins are simple to buy and frequently come with waste delivery to nearby processing facilities. This means you are free to concentrate on your job rather than worrying about transporting big loads of rubbish to various facilities.


Are you new to the world of bin rentals? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when renting your bin. 



Identify Your Waste & Determine If Its Recyclable

Determining what types of roofing materials you need to recycle is the first step in any roofing replacement process. While bin rental companies like ours may accept almost any roofing material, including shingles, tile, wooden shingles, tar, and polyurethane, it’s important to remember that waste dirt, brick, and concrete cannot be put together.


Ask for a list of authorized items before renting if you plan on disposing of numerous types of waste or are unsure whether you may dispose of particular materials. This will help you avoid any surprise fines for disposing of disapproved or restricted goods.



Estimate the Volume and Weight of Your Waste

If you’re not careful, the weight of roofing tiles and/or shingles can easily build-up, resulting in overage fines. Furthermore, multiple layers of shingles are common on roofs, so you’ll need to account for that when calculating the volume and weight of your debris.


bin rental


Paying extra upfront for a larger bin will save you time and money in the long run, as going over your weight limit can result in costs and delays if you fill your bin too soon. Most bin rental businesses advise renting a bin that is at least one size larger than the amount of rubbish you anticipate.


Collect a Few Quotes

While we’d love to have you as a customer, we recommend getting quotations from at least two or three different bin rental companies to ensure you receive the best service for the greatest price. Rental periods, locations, bin size, garbage type, and weight are all determinants in cost for bin rentals.


For example, we charge different prices depending on the city, trash type, and bin size. Depending on the type of waste, up to a particular volume and weight is provided, and we charge a daily cost after the five rental days are over.



Maintain a Long-Term Relationship with Your Service Provider

The final piece of advice we have is for experienced roofers. If you’re a roofing contractor or a business owner, you might want to strike a bargain with your bin rental company in exchange for doing business with them on a regular basis. Not only will this enhance the speed and accuracy of your quotes, but it will also save you money in the long term.


As one of the most well-established bin rental service providers, we have assisted roofing contractors with projects of all sizes. That’s why our staff is here for all of your roofing and renovation needs, whether you need a bin rental for a one-time project or a partner to assist you complete tasks for years to come.

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