What is the Best Bin Size for Small Demolition Projects?

Demolition Bin Rental

  • Is your small-scale demolition project finished?
  • Is it time to begin the arduous work of clearing out all of the piled-up waste? 


You might be considering hiring a small bin to save money. However, you may find that doing so is more inconvenient than you anticipate. It could lengthen the time it takes to throw away your waste, causing you to stay at work longer than necessary. It can also be insufficient in cases where the total volume of the debris is beyond the size of the bin.


A large container may be excessive for the job at hand and you would end up paying more than necessary.

24 yard bin rental


What Size Bin is Right for Small Scale Demolition?

We determined that a 10-yard bin or a 20-yard bin would be the best option after considering the average volume of debris from small-scale demolition operations and the weight of the material. This is an excellent combination of total expenses, cubic yards of debris, and overall weight of debris.



Factors That Affect the Size of the Bin You Need 

If you’re planning a demolition or building project and think you’ll need our help, check out the list below to get a better sense of what size bin you’ll need.


  • Debris Weight: Demolition debris is substantial, and some types are heavier than others. So, before you phone us to request a container, make sure you have a rough estimate of the weight of the rubble on hand. This will assist us in finding an appropriate bin for you.
  • The Physical Measurements of the Debris: Take a look at the actual dimensions of your debris before requesting a bin of a specific size. You might save money with a small bin, but keep in mind that we do not dispose of bins that have been filled to the rim. As a result, make sure to request one that can accommodate all of your large debris.
  • The Total Amount of Debris: You can always request a larger container if you don’t want to wait for us to make repeated trips to dispose of your waste. Although a larger bin is more expensive, it is also faster.

Our Sizes

Roll-off bin sizes are generally conventional across the industry, and we have just about every size available.  While most of them can carry the same types of materials, the smaller bins (rock boxes) are specifically designed for heavy debris such as concrete, dirt, rock, sand, and asphalt. They’re mostly employed for various construction, demolition, and landscaping projects, and should be your first consideration.

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