Everything You Need to Know about Surrey Waste Disposal Sites

Canada is a country known for its cleanliness and excellent waste disposal schemes, however, this can make it hard to understand how you are supposed to dispose of your everyday garbage and waste. 


If you are new to Surrey, here is a quick rundown of the Surrey garbage disposal services and how to properly dispose of your waste. 


Surrey Garbage Disposal Services 

Community Recycling Centers (CRCs) are long-term drop-off locations for typical residential problem wastes that can’t be picked up by council kerbside waste and recycling collection services. They are utilized all around the city and are the main garbage disposal service in Surrey. CRCs aid us in:


surrey waste disposal sites


  • Increase recycling and reduce waste
  • Reduce illegal dumping on city streets and in public and private places
  • Reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing travel distances


These facilities take more materials than Surrey’s curbside collection service does. The products supplied won’t smell, and they’ll include things like clean-up and restoration supplies for homes and small businesses, recyclables, yard waste, lumber, big furniture pieces, picture frames, mirrors, plastic wrapping, and packing.


Materials accepted include:


  • Recyclable paper, metal, plastic and glass
  • Electronics
  • Gypsum
  • Paint and similar products
  • Bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances and large electronic items
  • Yard trimmings, clean wood, and small quantities of food waste
  • Reusable materials such as clothing and books
  • Small quantities of garbage


Only Surrey residents may dispose of household waste and recycle at any CRC. You need a permit if you plan to transport your domestic waste in a van, pickup, or trailer. And there are several non-household materials that require payment.


Businesses can only bring their recyclables and rubbish to waste transfer stations.


Please separate and segregate your recycling from your rubbish before visiting a CRC to make sure it gets recycled. Recycling waste is less expensive than disposing of it. Individually designated bins make recycling quick and simple at each CRC.


Please look up what and where you can recycle if you are unsure of where to recycle or dispose of a specific item of garbage or if you want to know which CRC is the closest to you.


How Can You Use A CRC? 

You must provide some documentation in order to enroll in a CRC. It also involves address verification. You may provide the following documentation as evidence of your address:


  • Your driving license
  • This year’s council tax bill
  • A recent utility bill
  • Your Surrey bus pass.


You won’t be able to use any of Surrey’s 15 CRCs if you don’t reside in one of the 11 districts or boroughs listed there, or if you don’t have identification showing your current address.


Additionally, several facilities employ ANPR equipment in their Community Recycling Centers (CRCs). In order to monitor usage and aid in identifying unauthorized users, the device will take a picture of visitor vehicle number plates and read it. The system went live immediately after the cameras are installed throughout March.


Surrey Waste Disposal Sites for Non-Residents 

In the past, Surrey County Council had agreements with participating neighboring authorities that permitted residents of Surrey to use the participating authorities’ community recycling centers and allowed residents of the participating authorities to use Surrey County Council facilities, particularly when a facility was closer to residents than their own authorities facility might have been.


Unfortunately, Surrey County Council will no longer accept waste from non-Surrey residents for free since Surrey residents are no longer allowed access to several neighboring government facilities, and the cost of disposal for additional non-Surrey resident waste is high.


Some Surrey sites are still accessible to non-residents, however there will be a disposal fee. The locations where your rubbish and recycling can be weighed and charged for at the regular trade waste disposal fee are the Epsom, Leatherhead, and Guildford Waste Transfer Stations (WTS).


For more choices, check your local authority website or get in touch with them directly. If you live outside of Surrey, you can dispose of your rubbish and recycling for free at your local authority site.


Free Surrey Garbage Dump Services 

If, for whatever reason, you cannot access a CRC in Surrey, using recycling carts or bin rentals in Surrey is a good method for garbage disposal. The recycling carts in Surrey only take a limited number of materials. putting prohibited items in your recycling cart:


  • pollutes Surrey’s recycling stream
  • results in recycling being sent to the landfill
  • creates more risks for workers
  • can lead to the City incurring financial penalties which may impact annual waste collection utility rates for everyone


Facilities inspect each recycling cart for contaminating or prohibited substances. Only put appropriate materials in your recycling cart to ensure pickup. Your cart might not be picked up if it is polluted with undesirable waste.

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