Temporary Fence: The Rental Procedure and Need

Temporary Fence Rental Guide: Temporary fence, sometimes known as “mobile fencing”, is used to safeguard a certain area. While permanent fencing is available for security and protection, temporary fencing is ideal for people who require more flexible fencing solutions.


If you believe you may need to relocate your fencing shortly after it is installed, then permanent is possibly not the ideal option for you. Many people like temporary fencing because it is more resilient than permanent fencing, but it can also be changed if necessary. Temporary fencing can be relocated repeatedly while remaining intact. Temporary fencing is known to survive for years.


Why Need to Rent a Temporary Fence?


When you rent a fence, especially a temporary one, you gain control of the property and ensure its appropriate use. Temporary barriers, for example, at a concert or a ticketing event can assist ensure that crowds are controlled and that no one enters without authority, a ticket, or a pass.


temporary fence


However, temporary fences aren’t simply for construction or event management. You can also rent a fence to manage natural or man-made disasters. For example, in the event of a disaster, when people may need to be relocated, a temporary fence can be used to divide the area.


You may also require a temporary fence for your restaurant or café. Do you enjoy serving people outside? But do you despise the inconvenience of digging or installing permanent fencing? Then temporary fences are an excellent choice. Temporary fencing can be installed at cafes and restaurants to serve customers outside. They can also have a distinct enclosure if you are planning family events, buffets, or luncheons.


Homeowners may also require temporary fencing. For years, property owners have used temporary fencing to keep trespassers out while they are away or on vacation. When not in use, these fences can be quickly removed. Others rent these barriers while hosting pool parties or assuring the protection of the patio area.


The fact that temporary fencing does not require digging or permanent alterations provides it with an advantage over permanent fencing. As a result, you may simply edit surrounding areas. Furthermore, they are rented, and the size or style can be altered as needed, saving you money over permanent or purchased fences. Temporary fences are also an affordable and cost-effective alternative if you need to move or visit multiple locations.


The Process of Temporary Fence Rental


1. Request a Quote for Temporary Fencing


Call Premier Site Services for a quote to see how affordable our prices are. We deliver the price over the phone and explicitly outline all fees; unlike many rivals, we never have hidden costs. Please inform us the purpose of the fence, how many feet you will need, and how long you will need a fence when you call.


2. Place Your Order


Place an order with us once you are satisfied with the price quote. This will guarantee the sort of fencing you want for the specified time period. That way, you never have to be concerned about not having enough fencing for your event or some other occasion. Given the size of your site’s perimeter, we will order the appropriate number of panels. We will also inform you of the payment methods we accept and how frequently we will bill you for the rental.


3. Temporary Fencing Delivery


The delivery of the fence is the next phase in the procedure. Once you’ve decided on a rental firm, our team will work with you to coordinate the location and other details.


4. Getting Started


These types of fences are then erected. Our experienced personnel will arrive at your location with all of the materials needed to erect the fencing that has been brought there.


5. Collect Fencing


When the rental time for the temporary barriers expires, our rental staff will collect the panels from the location. To prevent paying late penalties, make sure you plan for pick-up during your present billing period. Also, make sure you’re at the spot when they arrive to acquire the materials so they can get to work immediately removing them. Clear away any materials that may have accumulated around the fences so that they do not become damaged.


For temporary fence rentals, make sure you select a company that provides high-quality fences for rent. Discuss your requirements, obtain an estimate, talk with representatives to resolve your concerns, and make your decision only when you are satisfied with the contract or the services provided.





What is the purpose of temporary construction fencing?


Temporary fencing is an alternative to permanent fencing when a fence is needed temporarily for storage, community security, crowd control, or theft prevention. When employed on construction sites, it is also known as construction hoarding.


What kind of fence do I require for my project?


A variety of factors will influence the appropriate sort of fence for your situation. When ordering a fence, you must consider several factors such as your location, occasion, and requirements.


How do you keep a temporary fence stable?


Spikes/Anchors. These are both inexpensive and simple to install, making them excellent choices for further securing your temporary fence. Spikes and anchors are ideal in instances when concrete blocks, v-bracing, or wind braces are insufficient.


What is the function of the temporary fencing that surrounds your workplace?


  • Restricting the entry of undesirable persons and vehicles
  • Installing temporary fencing will keep illegal individuals from entering construction sites.

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